Graham’s Late Bottle Vintage Port 2012 1 Litre


You just can’t beat Vintage Port, it’s one of the great wines of the world. But it ain’t cheap. You’ll fork out hundreds of dollars for a bottle of the good stuff.

Which is where LBV comes in. We like to think of it as the poor man’s vintage port! LBV stands for Late Bottled Vintage and these ports give you a Vintage port experience but at a much more affordable price.

They don’t call it Late for nothing. Vintage ports are aged for just 2 years before bottling but are intended to be aged for much longer. LBV’s are aged for 4-6 years before being bottled but once bottled they’re ready to crack open and drink.

It’s fair to say not all LBV’s offer the Vintage port experience. Rest assure, this one from one of the big name port houses in Portugal and has a proven track record at wine shows around the world..

Knock the top off and prepare to be impressed. Try with strong cheeses like a stinky Stilton or dark chocolates and walnuts. 

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