Lot 40 Canadian Rye Whiskey


The Small Batch Canadian whiskies continue the trend that began with Jim Beam’s Small Batch Bourbons. The philosophy is to follow traditional production methods in order to create a highly individual range of products each with its own idiosyncrasies.

Lot No. 40 whisky is distilled in a single copper pot still from a mash of small grains and malted rye. Distiller Michael Booth comments on Lot No.40’s flavour as being, “A natural, unrefined taste you won’t soon forget.”

Nose: Light but exotic with some marzipan, varnish, Turkish delight, apricot (orange muscat) orange pith and milky coffee.

Palate: Light with sweet spices and a light bite. All on the sweeter more fragrant side of the spectrum.

Finish: Clean with light peppery rye tingle. Still that sweetness.

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