The Dead Rabbit Irish Whisky


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The Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey is aged for five years in bourbon casks and then finished in small virgin oak casks, made especially for The Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey, until Darryl, the Master Distiller is satisfied it has reached perfection.The Whiskey
Describing the taste of Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey is like trying to describe a thrill. You know it when you feel it. There’s no mistaking it. And once you have actually experienced it, well you know what has to come next. Same again.

AT FIRST SIGHT: Think honey – thick, rich, liquid gold. It’s a good start.

IT ALL MAKES SCENTS: Inhale slowly. First, bourbon comes out swinging, followed by vanilla – all sweetness and light. Then the rest of the gang pile in: spice, fruit, malt. Now you know what you’re up against.

TAKE A SIP: Now that first encounter turns into attitude – this is a punchy, heavy-hitter. While the bourbon and vanilla are working you over in a one-two, the spice notes are running riot. This is classic Irish with a definite edge.

LET IT LINGER: This is a thrill that lasts and lasts. Every part of your mouth is smiling. This is good, it is saying. This is very good.

You’re one of us now.

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